Add Bookmark Here ² (Moon Edition)

By: JustOff

About this extension

Add Bookmark Here ² (Moon Edition) is the fork of Add Bookmark Here ² adapted for Pale Moon 27+

Main Features:

* Expand all fields in Bookmark Dialog.
* Customize the position of "Add Bookmark Here" & "Open All Tabs".
* Remember the last selected folder when you bookmark a page.
* Insert bookmarks from the top of Menu.
* Add a bookmark without showing the Bookmark Dialog.
* Single-click the Star to show the Bookmark Dialog.
* Resize the Folder-Tree, Tags-List, Description-Field in Bookmark Dialog.
* Customize the location of Unsorted Bookmarks Folder.
* Show the Tags in Inline.
* Middle-click Bookmark Star can Open Library to Organize Bookmarks.
* Middle-click on a folder to add bookmark into the folder.
* Prevent [ENTER] key to close Bookmark Dialog when editing in Tags/Description field.
* Auto Sort Folder By Name. (Right-click on any Folder > "Properties" > "Sort By Name".)
* Show the bookmark saved path in Star button tool tips.

Source code can be found here.

Install Add Bookmark Here ² (Moon Edition) 1.0.1


Pale Moon 27.0.0 to Unknown


Mozilla Public License 2.0


Source Repository

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