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Browser View Plus

By: riiis

About this extension

Open links, bookmarks, and pages in external media players, download managers, and browsers.

Browser View Plus is designed for use only in Windows.

Browser View Plus automatically detects several popular browsers and media players, based on entries in the Windows Registry. Portable browsers, and other browsers not automatically detected, can be added manually using the Browser View Plus options window. To undo changes to Browser View Plus options, and restore defaults, delete related browser name, location, argument, or menu text. Then click "OK". All Browser View Plus menus can be rewritten, by the user, using the Browser View Plus options window.

To open a webpage in incognito private browsing mode, CTRL-click any Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Opera menu or toolbar button. CTRL-click may also work in other browsers. Alternatively, enter incognito, private, or the appropriate argument in the Browser View Plus options window. (Multiple arguments are separated by spaces. Arguments must not use quotes (e.g. replace a space with %20)).

To open a webpage as an application window in Chrome or Chromium, right-click any Chrome or Chromium menu or toolbar button.

Microsoft Edge is a Windows 10 app, not available in older versions of Windows. Microsoft Edge menus initially are hidden by default in Browser View Plus. Use the Browser View Plus options window to unhide these Microsoft Edge menus and toolbar buttons.

Install Browser View Plus

Release Information

Version 45.1.5
Updated on October 27, 2017


Pale Moon 24.0 to 27.*


Mozilla Public License 2.0

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