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By: Chuck Baker

About this add-on

FEBE backs up your extensions, themes, bookmarks, preferences, passwords, cookies and just about everything else Pale Moon offers (it can even backup/restore your entire profile). You can selectively restore only the items you need. For instance, you may just want your bookmarks restored and leave everything else as it was.


  • One click backup from the Toolbar.
  • Schedule automatic backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Can also be configured to backup on Pale Moon startup and/or shutdown.
  • Save backups in time-stamped folders to easily identify when the backups were created. Specify how many folders you wish to keep and FEBE removes the oldest.
  • Backup reminder. FEBE can alert you if a backup has not been completed in a specified number of days.
  • Comprehensive results report with links to the author’s extension/theme homepages.
  • User-defined backups. Make backups of virtually any file or folder - Pale Moon related or not. Just specify what to backup and FEBE does the rest.
  • Extensive built-in help files. Just click the little blue information icons in FEBE options.
  • Verify your extension directory. Upgrading Pale Moon versions sometimes leaves garbage in the extensions directory. FEBE can clean it up.
  • Quick Backup. You can quickly backup as many or as few individual extensions/themes as you like. They can be saved together in a single, installable xpi file (Similar to CLEO).

… and more!

Once installed, FEBE is available from the Pale Moon Tools menu. An icon can be placed on the toolbar via (right-click on toolbar) > Customize...

Version notes:

v10.4 - 10/09/18 - Fix for restoring browser history. For PM v28.*. Use FEBE v10.3 for earlier PM versions.

v10.3 - 08/16/18 - Fix for backing up/restoring permissions. Same as v10.2 except updated version compatibility to Pale Moon v28

v10.2 - 12/18/17 - Fix for backing up/restoring permissions. Replaced the text 'Firefox' with 'Pale Moon' in the appropriate places (en-US locale only).

v10.1 - 11/29/17 - Fix for restoring 'restartless' extensions.

v10.0 - 10/16/17 - Initial Pale Moon release (based on FEBE for Firefox v8.3.1)

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Release Information

Version 10.4
Updated on October 9, 2018


Pale Moon 28.0 to 28.*


Mozilla Public License 2.0


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