By: Kris Maglione and Doug Kearns

About this extension

Pentadactyl is designed to make browsing more efficient and especially more keyboard accessible. Largely inspired by the Vim text editor, the appearance and finger feel of Pentadactyl should be familiar to Vim users. Additional web-specific features, such as our Hint mode, command interface, and key bindings to automatically follow back and forward links, make it easy to navigate without touching the mouse and give Pentadactyl a habit forming nature of its own.

This version of Pentadactyl has been forked to provide Pale Moon-specific compatibility, and as such is not supported by its original authors in any way. The source code for this version of Pentadactyl can be found at GitHub.

Install Pentadactyl 1.2pre-pm-3


Pale Moon 27.0 to 50.*


Source Repository

Previous Releases

Version 1.2pre-pm-2
Works with Pale Moon 27.0 to 50.*

Version 1.0.5-pm
Works with Pale Moon 25.0 to 26.*

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