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Forecastfox for Pale Moon

By: riiis

About this extension

Get international and local weather forecasts from AccuWeather.com®. Display in Status Bar or other toolbar.

After installing Forecastfox, right-click a Forecastfox icon and select "Options..." from the context menu. Alternatively, open Forecastfox options from the browser's Add-ons Manager. Change Forecastfox language (Forecastfox supports 35 languages); add, remove, or rename Forecastfox weather locations (hover over the location, with your mouse, to access remove and rename menus); and change other options as appropriate. Your option changes will be applied immediately.

By default, Forecastfox will be opened in the Status Bar. To change the location of the Forecastfox icons-- while the Forecastfox options page is open, drag the "+" icon from the Status Bar to its new location either on a different toolbar or to a different location on the Status Bar itself.

Forecastfox for Pale Moon provides nine icon sets for displaying the weather, but only icons from the default icon set are preloaded. Icons for the remaining eight icon sets are loaded only upon first use of these icon sets. (Select an icon set on the Forecastfox options page. If the selected icon set is the default or has been used before, its icons will appear immediately. If icons do not appear immediately, close or reload the options page. Icons for the selected icon set will be loaded and appear in a few moments).

Fork of "Forecastfox (fix version)" by Oleksandr.

Install Forecastfox for Pale Moon

Release Information

Version 1.0.0
Updated on July 18, 2018


Pale Moon 27.0 to 28.*


Mozilla Public License 2.0

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