Moon Tester Tool

By: Off JustOff

About this add-on

Moon Tester Tool is designed for testing compatibility of add-ons with Pale Moon. It allows to install any add-on, regardless of the application and version it was designed for. The add-ons installed using Moon Tester Tool are marked with [TEST] at the beginning of the name.

Extra features:
- Update chrome.manifest rules to be compatible with Pale Moon
- Disable automatic update for add-ons with forced compatibility
- Allow to save installed add-ons from context menu
- Help to re-install add-ons in compatibility mode

Warning! Moon Tester Tool is intended for advanced users and for test purposes only!

Installation of improper add-ons may break the browser and lead to the damage or loss of data. You cannot expect or ask for any support for add-ons installed using Moon Tester Tool neither from their authors, nor from developers of the browser.

If you find the add-on that runs well, you have to contact its author and ask their to provide compatibility with Pale Moon officially, or fork it yourself if the license allows.

See also other add-ons made by JustOff.

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Release Information

Version 2.0.1
Updated on October 9, 2020


Pale Moon 27.0.0a1 to 29.*


MIT License


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