Theme Compatibility Provider

By: Lootyhoof

About this add-on

The Theme Compatiblity Provider is a set of patches for non-supported themes running on Pale Moon. It provides fixes for the following:

  • URLbar feed button
  • SSL padlocks (to integrate better with the theme in question)
  • History Menu Button (on themes that do not use separate large and small icon sets)
  • Download location indicator styling
  • Indicator for no downloads
  • Windows 10 caption button/titlebar appearance
  • Developer tools
  • HTML5 media controls
  • Doubled text in the address bar (and related stylings)
  • Double "learn more" links in notification popups
  • Favicon when viewing standalone images (Pale Moon 27.3 and above)

Please note that while this will fix the majority of issues with the above, some themes may still attempt to override these changes. While every effort has gone into fixing issues in themes generally, fixes for specific themes cannot and will not be accepted.

Are you a developer?

If you are a theme developer looking to port a theme to Pale Moon, please don't refer users to this add-on instead of doing the actual porting work. This is designed specifically for themes which are not likely to be ported, for various reasons. If you are a developer, please read the relevant documentation for how to correctly port your theme to Pale Moon.

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Release Information

Version 1.0.2
Updated on April 26, 2017


Pale Moon 27.0.0b3 to 27.*


Mozilla Public License 2.0


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