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Tools & Utilities

Addons Memory Usage - Intika MoD
Provides an about:addons-memory page, listing the memory usage of all active add-ons to check each extension resources usage particularly memory the page provide also a memory cleaner button.
Calendar with events support.
Color Identifier
Displays the rgb and hex color codes of pixels in the browser window. Optionally copies these codes to the clipboard.
Config Comments
Reveals comments (from source) for advanced application preferences in about:config
CPU & Memory Usage Statusbar
View Pale Moon memory usage and CPU usage in the statusbar.
Dorando keyconfig
Change the application's key bindings or create new ones.
Enhanced SteamGifts & SteamTrades (ESGST)
Enhances the SteamGifts/SteamTrades experience.
Exif Viewer
Extracts and displays the EXIF metadata stored in JPEG images.
Extension Conflict Troubleshooter
Systematically enable/disable addons to find extension conflicts
Extension Preferences Menu
Allows you to open your extensions' preferences dialogs from the AppMenu or the Tools menu.
ExtExp [External]
Places an Export Button on each extension and theme in your Add-ons Manager.
FireShot can take full web page screenshots. The screenshots can be quickly captured, edited and saved as Image or PDF with links. The captures are instant, stored locally, and produce no traffic.
Greasemonkey for Pale Moon [External]
Greasemonkey is a user script manager for Pale Moon.
Greedy Cache
Always load scripts, images and styles from browser's cache.
Guerilla Scripting
GreaseMonkey-compatible userscripting engine for power users
Home Styler
Allows compatible complete themes to style about:home.
HTML5 Media Tuner
Selectively disable HTML5 Video/Audio and/or Media Source Extensions, control 60fps and WebM Video
List This!
A sidebar extension that lets people take quick notes and quickly get back to these notes.
Moon Tester Tool
Allows to install any extension, regardless of target application and versions specified in its manifest. Autocorrect doubled text in Firefox themes.
Add a new MIME association to the browser preferences.
A quick and easy note-taking solution. A fork of QuickFox Notes.
Open about:config
Provides access to about:config with a toolbar button and options in the AppMenu and the Tools menu.
Pale Moon Commander
Advanced preferences for Pale Moon
Pale Moon Locale Switcher
Easily switch between installed UI languages.
Password Backup Tool
Export and import your saved passwords.
Print pages to PDF
Converts selected bookmarks, open browser tabs or ScrapBook (Plus) pages into one PDF document.
Profile Switcher
Easily switch profiles
Reader View
Port of Firefox Reader View for Pale Moon.
Restart Browser
Adds a toolbar button and menus and shortcut key (Ctrl+Alt+R) for restarting the browser.
Restart manager
Adds to Pale Moon the ability for easy restart on demand. Also, in versions 20+, manages all normal restart requests, allowing the user to choose what to do, according to offered options.
Rosetta Quick Locale Switcher
Quickly change the general.useragent.locale preference. Fork of Quick Locale Switcher by Martijn Kooij.
Scroll To Top
Scroll to top and vice versa in a window.
Sidebar Tools
Use drop-down menu to change from one open sidebar to another. Click the splitter (or use F4 key) to toggle sidebar open or close.
Statusbar Date & Time
Display date and time in the statusbar.
Statusbar Organizer
Hide, show, or change the order of statusbar add-ons, icons and text.
Custom additions to Stylish extension.
The Good 'ol Sidebar
TGS lets you open various windows as sidebar panels, and quickly switch between them. So it put an end to the window chaos! In addition to bookmarks and history it opens some dialogs such as downloads, add-ons and more in the sidebar.
TimerFox [External]
Easily counts down from a predefined number and alarms you when the count has reached zero.
Toolbarize Menu Button
Toolbarizes the app menu button and makes it freely movable.
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