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By: kup

About this add-on

Based on original datepicker component. Can show you a current or whatever date, write, store and edit all your placed events (and notify about those events too).
Extension uses SQLite + Promises internal modules combo.
Supports Windows, Linux and Mac systems. In brief, it's a powerful datepicker/calendar.

Revision 4.3:

  • Fixed a strange issue with an internal "href" operator (thanks to JustOff and New Tobin Paradigm).
  • Added Japanese locale (thanks to 四天王寺).
  • Some cosmetical CSS-fixes.

Revision 4.2:

  • Fixed an issue with a "Sound file explorer" button ("onClick();" replaced with "onCommand();").
  • Added Ukrainian locale.
  • Added homepage in description.
  • Renewed "About" dialog.

Revision 4.1:

  • Added an ability to close popping-up alerts in the "Options" with an "ESC" key.
  • Added access keys to some options.
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect "VACUUM" query.
  • Fixed an issue with a "Sound file explorer" button, when pressing on it with a "Space bar" does nothing.
  • Fixed an issue with a "Sound file preview" button, when pressing on it with a "Space bar" does nothing.

Revision 4.0.2:

  • Fixed an Issue #981 (temporary; awaiting for a browser's global fix).

Revision 4.0.1:

  • Fixed customization of the popping-up date pickers (now all the date pickers looks identically).

Revision 4.0:

  • Added a context menu in the main Calendate's window (right click on any day);
  • Added backup/restore DB systems ("Options" menu);
  • Added an option for changing "Alarm" main icon;
  • Added an ability to show/hide current date in the toolbar;
  • Added an ability to show/hide date's calculator (left click on the current date in the toolbar);
  • Fixed browser's bug with a non-capitalized first letters in the months names;
  • Other small fixes and optimizations.

If you have any suggestions or found some bugs, feel free to e-mail, send PM or Telegram me.


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Release Information

Version 4.3
Updated on March 4, 2019


Pale Moon 27.0.3 to 55.0


GNU General Public License 3.0


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