By: Job Bautista (pandakekok9)

About this add-on

Cite4Wiki is a pair of contextual menu items (one for U.S.-style date formatting, one for "international" or UK-style). Right-click on the currently viewed webpage, and select one of the Cite4Wiki context menu options (they both have a Wikpedia logo, one also with a U.S. flag) to grab information about the webpage, format it as a proper Wikipedia inline source citation, and put that on the clipboard for pasting into a WP article.

Example horizontal output:

<ref>{{cite web |first= |last={{err|{{AUTHOR MISSING}}}} |title=Pale Moon - Developer Site - Site-Specific Syntax |year=2021 [last update] | |url= |access-date=11 April 2021}}</ref>

Example vertical output (should be used only for WP:LDR!):

<ref>{{cite web
|last={{err|{{AUTHOR MISSING}}}}
|title=Pale Moon - Developer Site - Site-Specific Syntax
|year=2021 [last update]
|access-date=11 April 2021

If the article uses American English, you can use the second of the two context menus to get the same code, but with a U.S.-format "Monthname [D]D, YYYY" accessdate in it.

You can then add additional details such as the author, publisher (company) and publication date (facts the add-on cannot magically find for you, unfortunately). And be sure to check that the "title=" field makes sense - the extension just grabs this from the <title> element of the webpage.


This add-on functionally works and has been tested in version 2.0+ for Phoenix-based browsers (Pale Moon, Basilisk, Firefox pre-53), SeaMonkey 2.1+, and Borealis Navigator 0.9.


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Release Information

Version 1.6
Updated on April 11, 2021


Pale Moon 2.0 to 29.*


GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0


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