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By: wsdfhjxc

About this add-on

This is an extension for Pale Moon web browser, which colors your tabs relatively to their favicons. It uses dominant color lookup to this purpose, with some restrictions.

The extension has several parameters which can be customized such as fading style, saturation, brightness, opacity, font colors for each tab state and also few other additional tweaks.


When a website inside a tab is loaded, the tab should become colored relatively to its favicon.

Appearance of the tabs is adjustable in the extension's preferences. You can specify the default tab color, fading color and fading style. There are options to make the active tab title bold and to show shadow for tab titles. It's also possible to change thickness of the active tab colored indication bar which is enabled by default.

In detailed appearance preferences you can define some visual properties used when coloring your tabs for each of their states: active, inactive and hovered. Those include fading range, fading power, color saturation, color brightness, whole tab opacity, title color and its shadow color.

If you aren't satisfied with dominant color lookup results, there are some options for tweaking its behavior, placed in advanced preferences window.

Theme compatibility

Besides Pale Moon's default theme, it should also work correctly with following custom themes: Aeromoon, Camimoon, Compact Moon, Dark Moon, Darkness, DarkPitch, Fox 2 The Moon, Kempelton Reloaded, LittleMoon, MicroMoon, Modoki Moon, Moonfox3, Moonola, Nauticalia, Noia Moon, Past Modern Revisited, Phoenity Rebirth, Qute 4 PM, Qute Large, Qute Legacy, Reinheit, Tangerinemoon, Tangomoon and White Moon.


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Release Information

Version 2.2.0
Updated on March 19, 2017


Pale Moon 25.0 to 27.*


Mozilla Public License 2.0


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