Eclipsed Moon

By: Eurythrace Perseides

About this add-on

This add-on/extension is designed to work unobtrusively by using current, well known user agent strings and operating systems to “blend in” with the crowd. The preferred “smart” mode is designed to switch the user agent string only when no external tabs are open except for the home page, if it is an external page. The intent is to be quiet and NOT draw attention by changing the user agent string too frequently or using unique ones. It also offers an anonymity checklist for the browser settings, and has a “smart erase” feature to forget about a site when all open tabs to that site are closed. This is a COMPLETE erasure for that individual site, similar to the Delete History option when closing the browser. ALL PASSWORDS, COOKIES, HISTORY, ETC. WILL BE ERASED FOR THE SITE!

Test Package

A test package to verify the operation of the random User Agent generation may be downloaded from here:
Once unzipped, the XHTML file should be opened in a Pale Moon™ browser that already has the Eclipsed Moon add-on/extension installed. The operating mode of the add-on/extension should be set to “Page” before loading the test XHTML page. The test will then proceed to iterate a default value of 50 times and collect the statistics of the User Agents used for each iteration. Optionally, an iteration count may be passed to the XHTML file via adding a query string to the URI in the form of “?runs=100”. The maximum number of iterations is set to 1000, although the JavaScript file associated with the XHTML file may be edited to change that number.
There is an optional PHP file that may be loaded on a server along with the supporting files so the test may be conducted over the internet rather than on the local computer. This will use a large amount of bandwidth to run the test since each iteration will need to completely reload files from the server. The difference is that using the PHP file collects the User Agent from the HTTP header rather than the window.navigator.userAgent DOM property.

Version History

  • Version 1.04
    Modified the “Page” mode so it would operate with the test package to correctly gather the statistics of the random User Agents being generated on a local computer only - no internet connection required.
  • Version 1.03
    Fixed the issue where the Static mode failed to use the specified User Agent. It was using the last random User Agent instead of the one specified in the preference settings.
  • Version 1.02
    Initial stable release.

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Release Information

Version 1.04
Updated on April 28, 2017


Pale Moon 25.0 to 27.*


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