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By: Aris

About this add-on

GlassMyFox enables more AeroGlass effects on the default Pale Moon skin.

AeroGlass must be enabled in Windows 7/Vista!

Many menus, toolbars and windows are transparent but transparency is not possible everywhere.


  • enable/disable Glass effects
  • enable/disable Glass effects and use custom tabs
  • enable/disable Glass effects and use "GMF tabs"
  • enable/disable Glass effects and use alt. tabs
  • enable/disable dropdownmenu black/white text colors/shadows
  • enable/disable toolbar black/white text colors/shadows
  • enable/disable white tab text
  • enable/disable higher tabs
  • enable/disable combined favicon/closebutton
  • enable/disable white toolbar buttons
  • enable/disable menu seperator
  • enable/disable higher bookmarks toolbar


  • Use "Glass with custom tabs", if tab background is being altered by another extension.
  • Sometimes Windows doesn't allow dropdown menus to be transparent after installation. To solve this Pale Moon has to be restarted. Its not a bug of this extension, but how Windows renders "Glass" areas.

Transparent "New Tab"/"about:blank"/"about:newtab"
The "Stylish"-extension has to be installed and enabled (no need to setup there anything), because GMF uses its feature to make those pages transparent.

This addon only works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista, so don't try it on other OSs, it won't work.

Windows 8/10
Windows 8/10 does not offer AeroGlass by default, but 'Aero Glass for Windows 8/10' can restore old window transparency.


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Release Information

Version 1.3.4
Updated on May 2, 2018


Pale Moon 16.0 to 28.*


Mozilla Public License 2.0


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