Link Harvester

By: Alessio Vanni

About this add-on


This extension will take all the selected links (anchors in HTML terms) with an href attribute and will copy the content of the each href to the clipboard, separated with a newline character (the \n character for those knowledgeable of how text works in computers.)

As of version 1.0.1 the value of the href attribute is not checked, so it is perfectly possible to have, within the list of copied links, something like # or other useless strings.

As of version 1.1.0 it is also possible to open the links instead of copying them.
See below for additional informations.

Quick how to

  1. Select some text containing the links you want to copy. It doesn't have to be exactly on the links; you can even select the whole page if you want all the links
  2. Open the context menu, normally done by pressing the right mouse button
  3. You will see an option near the end of the menu with a hopefully descriptive label. Just select it
  4. The links have been copied and you can now paste them anywhere you want

Notice for Microsoft© Windows® users

Because the separator is only the \n character, instead of the traditional \r\n, depending on your operative system's version, pasting the copied links might result in a mess.
Use tools supporting the \n character as a line separator if you want to avoid that mess.

Notice about opening links

Similar to the warning about the # value used in some links, it is possible to see broken (or anyway unexpected) pages when trying to open multiple selected links.
The extension doesn't do anything to avoid this kind of situations (and never will try to), so the only solution is to close the page and manually click on the link.

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Release Information

Version 1.2.3
Updated on February 2, 2024


Pale Moon 28.0 to 33.*


BSD 3-Clause


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