By: snuz2

About this add-on

This is an ultra compact (2KB) mouse gesture extension. To make a gesture, hold down the right mouse
button while dragging the mouse and then release.

The basic gestures are:

  • Up - Go to top of page
  • Right - Navigate Forward
  • Left - Navigate Back
  • Down - Go to bottom of page

In addition, if a gesture is started on a link,
Up will open the link in a new tab and,
Down will open the link in a background tab.

There is also an autoOpen, autoClose feature which will close a tab if
there are no more pages to navigate backward to, and will reopen the tab if
there are no more pages to navigate forward to. These happen automatically
on Back/Forward navigation gestures.

Copyright Notice

© 2024 - snuz2

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Release Information

Version 2.4.1
Updated on September 12, 2019


Pale Moon 27.0 to 28.*


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