By: Alessio Vanni

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Myosotis is a Pale Moon extension to forget about linked pages.

Normally, when surfing the web, following links put them into a
"visited" state, in which their color is different than the normal

Usually they go from blue to purple, but websites can also override
the color (for example, orange for "unvisited" links and green for
"visited" ones.)

Sometimes, you want to "unvisit" (i.e. forget) a certain linked page,
but you don't want to open the history menu and search it there. With
this extension, you can just open the context menu (press the right
mouse button unless the mouse has been configured differently) from
the link to the page, click on the extension's menu entry and the page
will be forgotten.

To delete a link, you have to right-click on the link itself.

Clicking anywhere else will not work, and neither will using
the extension inside the page itself.

You have to be on a page linking to the place you want to "unvisit",
right-click on the link, then use the "forget" button.

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Release Information

Version 1.4
Updated on February 2, 2024


Pale Moon 28.0 to 33.*


GNU General Public License 3.0


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