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By: Falna

About this add-on

New Tab Links will automatically open links in new tabs using a long-left click and - optionally - using a normal right click. Ideal for anyone who likes to open links in new tabs, or those using touch-screen devices.

The add-on works with links, bookmarks, history items and images, but not JavaScript links (which will open in the same tab).

  • To enable the right-click function, use the options panel, available via the menu system or by pressing Alt+Shift-F2.

  • To enable/disable the extension, there's a button that you can drag to the toolbar (right-click on any toolbar and select 'Customize').

New Tab Links is a fork of Right Links by Infocatcher.

Advanced Options

There are some advanced options available under about:config :

  • extensions.newtablinks.showContextMenuTimeout : The timeout before context menu will be shown (in milliseconds). Use -1 to disable this feature.

  • extensions.newtablinks.longLeftClickTimeout : The delay for the long left-click (in milliseconds)

  • extensions.newtablinks.notifyOpenTime : Hide pop-up messages after this time is over. Use -1 to disable.

  • extensions.newtablinks.loadInWindow, extensions.rightlinks.loadInWindow.left : Open links in new windows instead of new tabs - but some features won't work!

  • extensions.newtablinks.filesLinksMask : Mask of links to files (use regular expressions).

  • extensions.newtablinks.filesLinksPolicy :
    0 – don't check links
    1 – open links to files in current tab
    2 – disable Right Links on these links (will be shown context menu)
    3 – copy link location

In addition, you can modify the hot keys for extensions.newtablinks.key.toggleStatus and forextensions.newtablinks.key.showSettingsPopup using one or more modifiers together with a key:

  • modifiers: control, alt, shift, meta, accel or os

  • keys: any character or special code
    For example to enable Ctrl+Alt+R, use extensions.newtablinks.key.toggleStatus = "control alt R"

To disable the hotkeys, leave the preferences empty.

Note that :

  1. Some combinations of key and modifiers won't work

  2. Close and restart the browser to enable the changes


Only on Pale Moon

Release Information

Version 1.0
Updated on April 11, 2021


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