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By: Reinhold Ripper

About this add-on

Print pages to PDF allows you to convert selected bookmarks (like a bookmarks folder or a list of bookmarks), open browser tabs or, if installed, ScrapBook (Plus) pages into one PDF document.

Help site with detailed information about the add-on: Add-on home page

The view of the result can be changed with different options (paper size, margins, etc.). Automatic creation of outlines is possible or it can be done manually. Headers and footers for every page can be provided.
The web pages can be pre-edited so that they contain only text or you can delete unwanted content from it (e.g., advertising).

Selection of web pages can be done via context menus at bookmarks, web page and ScrapBook list. The functions can also be accessed via the Extra menu entry or the toolbar button. In addition it is possible to move bookmarks, links and tabs per Drag & Drop into the open add-on window.

The add-on does its job without sending any content over the internet; all processing is done locally, so privacy is guaranteed. Print pages to PDF uses the open source library wkhtmltopdf, with all its power and limitations.


  • Converting a webpage to PDF
  • Converting all open tabs into a single PDF
  • Converting a selection of bookmarks into a single PDF
  • Converting all links inside a bookmarks folder into a single PDF
  • Converting a selection of ScrapBook pages into a single PDF
  • Converting all links inside a ScrapBook folder into a single PDF
  • Converting links from external sources (file system, word processor, ...) into a single PDF
  • Converting a mixture of links from the sources above into a single PDF
  • Pure local processing, no data is sent to other sites over the network. Full privacy!
  • Several options for formatting the output (e.g margins, page size, ...)
  • Various context menus for accessing the add-on's functionality
  • Keyboard shortcut for accessing the add-on's functionality
  • Toolbar button for accessing the add-on's functionality
  • Retains links in the PDF from the content of webpages.
  • Supports local links for navigating in the webpage/PDF.
  • Supports outline feature of PDF (the navigation bar outside of the PDF document), creates an outline by headlines.
  • Supports a single table of content for the whole PDF with page numbering and local links for navigation.
  • Supports header and footers for the whole PDF or separate for individual webpages in the PDF.
  • Ability to print text only
  • Editing the outline and table of content
  • Editing feature for removing unwanted content before converting
  • Drag & Drop support


  • International characters (non ascii-characters)
    Wkhtmltopdf has an actual limitation, that it is not possible to supply international characters (e.g. accented characters) as parameters. This is the case for all strings that can be used in the Settings dialog (e.g. title, title of toc, header and footer text). It doesn't have any influence on the converted content of webpages.
  • Compatibility - operating system and bit version
    Print pages to PDF currently only works with Pale Moon for Windows x32.

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Release Information

Updated on March 25, 2016


Pale Moon 25.0 to 26.*


Mozilla Public License 1.1


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