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By: stux

About this add-on

Tab Utilities is a light but featureful extension for tabbed browsing. This add-on replaces the original extension which may no longer be maintained.

Please remember to disable the old Tab Utilities add-on if you have it installed.

TUP 2.1.2:

Update compatibility to Pale Moon 32. Resolution of issues listed below still pending.

TUP 2.1:

This is an "emergency" release to support Pale Moon 28. Please read the "Known Issue" and "Workarounds" sections below!

Known Issue:

  • The Tab Groups' tab twisty icon does not show up, I have been unable to determine why.


  • The keystroke [Ctrl][Alt]-[+] will expand the current selected tab group (or all tab groups if none are selected or the current tab group is already expanded)
  • The keystroke [Ctrl][Alt]-[-] will collapse the current selected tab group (or all tab groups if none are selected or the current tab group is already collapsed)
  • Right click on a tab group tab, under the "Tab Stack" submenu select "Expand Stack" or "Collapse" stack as needed.

Many thanks to the original author and other developers who helped keep this add-on alive:

  • ithinc (original author)
  • yfdyh000 (tab utilities fixed)
  • blackwind (source of original TUP fixes)
  • "soin at windpr dot tw" (source of original TUP fixes)

Github Repository: (releases)

Description by Original Author

Tab Utilities is a light but featureful extension for tabbed browsing. A more lite version could be found at Tab Utilities Lite.
Supported locales: de, en-US, es-ES, it, ja-JP, pl, pt-BR, ru, zh-CN, zh-TW. (Some locales may be incomplete.)

Features include:

  1. Open Bookmarks/History/Homepage/URL/Search in new tabs (Left-click in new foreground tab, Middle-click in new background tab, Ctrl+Left-click in current tab)
  2. Open new tabs next to current tab
  3. Reuse blank tabs, Auto-close unintentional blank tabs
  4. Focus related/unread/last selected tab after closing current tab
  5. Ctrl+Tab to navigate tabs in most recently used order
  6. Highlight current/unread tabs
  7. Undo Close Tab button, Undo close last closed tabs
  8. Force new tab/Force background/Force foreground options
  9. Duplicate/Protect/Lock/Faviconize/Pin/Rename Tab
  10. Auto-reload tabs at a given interval
  11. Auto-restart/unload tabs after a specified period of inactivity
  12. Move to Window/Merge Window, Move to Group/Merge Group
  13. Close left/right/duplicate/similar/all tabs
  14. Built-in multiple tab handler
  15. Mouse clicking options, including Left/Middle/Right/Double/Ctrl/Alt/Shift-click on bookmarks/links/tabs/tab bar/New Tab button
  16. Session history on tab for tab clicking options
    Stay menu open for Middle-click on bookmarks
    Right-click functions as Middle-click on bookmarks and links
  17. Open links in new tabs with session history
  18. Open selected links in new tabs
  19. Single window mode
  20. Multi-row tab bar


Hidden options:
extensions.tabutils.invertAlt: Invert Alt+Enter behavior in location bar/search bar
extensions.tabutils.invertDrag: Swap Drag and Ctrl+Drag behaviors
extensions.tabutils.handleCtrl: Lock tab navigating history when holding Ctrl key
extensions.tabutils.openInternalInCurrent: Exclude internal links from being opened in new tabs (Bookmarks/History/Address bar)
extensions.tabutils.openDuplicateNext: Open duplicate tabs next to the original one
extensions.tabutils.restoreOriginalPosition: Restore closed tabs to the original position (revived)
extensions.tabutils.closeLastWindowWithLastTab: Don't close the last primary window with the last tab (Workaround Bug 607893)
extensions.tabutils.quitApplicationWithLastWindow: Quit the application when closing the last primary window (Workaround Bug 610339) (deprecated)
extensions.tabutils.centerCurrentTab: Always center current tab
extensions.tabutils.delayResizing: Don't resize tabs until mouse leaves the tab bar when closing tabs
extensions.tabutils.dragBindingAlive: Don't allow drag/dblclick on the tab bar to act on the window
extensions.tabutils.markNewAsBlank: Mark new non-blank tabs from New Tab command as blank tabs (revived)
extensions.tabutils.markUnreadOnLoad: Mark tab as unread on page load (deprecated)
extensions.tabutils.pinTab.autoProtect: Auto-protect pinned tabs
extensions.tabutils.pinTab.autoLock: Auto-lock pinned tabs
extensions.tabutils.pinTab.autoRevert: Auto-revert to the initial URL on restart for pinned tabs
extensions.tabutils.pinTab.showPhantom: Show phantom tabs for closed pinned tabs
extensions.tabutils.restartAfter: Auto-restart tabs after a specified period of inactivity (minutes) [Unload tab]
extensions.tabutils.tabFitTitle: Tab width fits tab title
extensions.tabutils.titleAsBookmark: Use bookmark title as tab title if the tab is from a bookmark
extensions.tabutils.bookmarkWithHistory: Bookmark current page with history
extensions.tabutils.bookmarkAllWithHistory: Bookmark all tabs with history [Save session]*: Enable/disable auto-lock/auto-faviconize/etc.*: Custom context menuitems
extensions.tabutils.button.*: Custom toolbar buttons
extensions.tabutils.shortcut.* Custom shortcut keys
extensions.tabutils.mouse.* Custom mouse actions
network.dns.ignoreHostonly: Bypass dns lookup for single word typed in the location bar (Workaround Bug 615039)

Used bookmarks tags:
protected/locked/faviconized/pinned: auto-protect/auto-lock/auto-faviconize/auto-pin list
autoRename: auto-rename list
autoReload: auto-auto-reload list
norestart: auto-restart black list
tab: specific bookmarks to be opened in new tabs

Keyboard shortcuts:
Ctrl+C: Copy Page Location
Ctrl+X: Copy Page Location and Close Tab
Ctrl+V: Paste and Go
Ctrl+Shift+V: Paste and Search
Ctrl+Z: Undo Close Tab
Ctrl+Shift+Z: Recently Closed Tabs
Ctrl+Tab: Last Visited Tab
Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow: Previous/Next Tab
Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow: Previous/Next Group (deprecated)
Ctrl+n: Select nth Unpinned Tab
Ctrl+Alt+n: Select nth Pinned Tab
Ctrl+Alt+T: Duplicate Tab
Ctrl+Alt+K: Protect Tab
Ctrl+Alt+L: Lock Tab
Ctrl+Alt+F: Freeze Tab
Ctrl+Alt+I: Faviconize Tab
Ctrl+Alt+P: Pin Tab
Ctrl+Alt+H: Hide Tab (deprecated)
Ctrl+Shift+F3: Close Left Tabs
Ctrl+Shift+F4: Close All Tabs
Ctrl+Shift+F5: Close Right Tabs
Ctrl+Shift+Page Up: Move Tab Backward
Ctrl+Shift+Page Down: Move Tab Forward
Ctrl+Shift+Home: Move Tab to Start
Ctrl+Shift+End: Move Tab to End
Ctrl+\: Toggle Tabs toolbar
Ctrl+Alt+\: Toggle phantom tabs
Ctrl+Alt+[: Locate Tabs toolbar
Ctrl+Alt+]: Locate Tabs toolbar

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Release Information

Version 2.1.2
Updated on March 6, 2023


Pale Moon 25.0 to 32.*


Mozilla Public License 2.0


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