Title Bar Customizer

By: tarakbumba

About this add-on

Title Bar Customizer is a browser title bar text customizer addon forked from customize_titlebar_v2 Firefox extension. This add-on primary use is to use with KeePass or KeePassXC for auto-completion of user credentials based on window title. It works in Windows and Linux and can be configured in both.

You can enter any custom text as well as the following variables:

  • {pageTitle}
  • {currentUrl}
  • {domainName}
  • {brand}
  • {palemoonVersion}
  • {palemoonBuildID}
  • {platformVersion}
  • {platformBuildID}

All of code and files here are licensed under GNU GPLv2. Icon used in this extension is a creation of Janik Baumgartner and also GNU GPL licensed.


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Release Information

Version 1.4
Updated on April 10, 2021


Pale Moon 28.0.0a1 to 29.*


GNU General Public License 2.0


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