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By: wsdfhjxc

About this add-on

This is an extension for Pale Moon web browser, which crushes those cookies which are no longer desirable. It simply removes cookies coming from websites when they are unloaded or their tabs are closed after specified delay. By default this also includes third-party cookies and LocalStorage data.

The extension comes with a whitelist that can be used to manually exclude domains, subdomains or basic wildcard domains from crushing cookies of their origin.


Whenever a website is unloaded or its tab is closed, a delayed cookie removal is triggered. The default delay is 10 seconds. After this time, cookies considered as no longer needed are removed.

The toolbar menu button can be used to temporarily suspend crushing cookies, add current website's domain to the whitelist, manage whitelisted domains, remove individual cookies and display activity log.

You can adjust some settings regarding specific behavior in the extensions preferences. This includes enabling or disabling global cookie crushing suspension, activity logging, displaying pop-up notifications and strict domain and subdomain separation. There are also cookie specific preferences such as an option to keep crushing third-party cookies, cookies marked as session cookies and LocalStorage data.

You are also able to manually manage your whitelisted domains in the preferences window. Specify a domain's name in the input box and press the button to add it to the list. The list is alphabetically sorted. All listed domains can be edited or deleted.

Example of manual domain whitelisting

  • Adding to whitelisted domains will prevent removing cookies coming from
  • Adding * will prevent removing cookies coming from its subdomains like or
  • Adding will prevent removing cookies coming from both and its subdomains like or

Strict domain and subdomain separation

When this option is disabled, the extension doesn't remove cookies from a specific domain, when at least one website with a sub/parent domain for that one is still open. For example, after closing, while its parent remains open, cookies from won't be removed.

When this option is enabled, the extension strictly compares domains of closed websites with domains of websites which are still open. In this case it ignores relationship between domains and their sub/parent domains and removes cookies from domains which didn't get any match. For example, after closing, while its parent remains open, cookies from will be removed.


As this extension by default removes third-party cookies, it might possibly break sessions or negatively affect browsing experience on some websites with distributed content. This may cover shopping, banking, social or any other interactive web services.

Be also careful while restoring previous tabs on the browser startup. Either reload all the tabs at once or temporarily suspend crushing cookies until important tabs are loaded to avoid accidental cookie loss.

Use it at your own risk.

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Release Information

Version 1.4.0
Updated on March 5, 2017


Pale Moon 25.0 to 27.*


Mozilla Public License 2.0


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