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By: riiis

About this add-on

Titlebar Tool is designed for use only in MS Windows. For MS Windows, Titlebar Tool hides the titlebar caption, makes the titlebar a bit thinner, and makes the appmenu button smaller and movable. Using Titlebar Tool with tabs-on-top (recommended), the non-maximized and maximized windows have the same overall appearance.

MS-Windows users who prefer a hamburger-style button, for displaying the Pale Moon appmenu, can install and enable the Hamburger Menu-Button extension, to run at the same time as Titlebar Tool.

When using Titlebar Tool with "Tabs on Top" and a normal non-maximized window, pressing the "Alt" key does open the Pale Moon "Menu Bar" temporarily, but this "Menu Bar" may no longer be usable. As a workaround, maximize the Pale Moon active window, before pressing the "Alt" key. Or, use the shortcut keys to open the "Menu Bar" sub-menus directly ("Alt + F" for the "File" menu, "Alt + T" for the "Tools" menu, etc.).

Titlebar Tool is a fork of the "Movable Firefox Button" extension.


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Release Information

Version 1.0.0
Updated on March 4, 2021


Pale Moon 28.0 to 29.*


Mozilla Public License 1.1


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